These glaze swatches* are designed to display, as accurately as possible, the various glaze colors and favorite glaze combinations Iím currently using on my functional pottery. When you are ordering your pottery and the form offers choices, please specify the glaze option you prefer. If the piece with that glaze option isnít currently in stock, Iíll create your piece using the glaze youíve specified. If youíre ordering more than one piece, be assured that I will glaze and fire all pieces within the same kiln load to ensure as consistent a color match among those pieces as possible.

Single Colors
These color samples are intended to give you a good look at the colors I primarily use when I glaze. I build my full glaze palette from these fundamental glazes. Youíll see some pieces glazed with just one color, but I often combine or overlap one glaze with another to get more complex glaze effects.
single color-green
single color-blue
single color-lilac

single color-red

single color-brown

single color-black oilspot
Black Oilspot

Two Colors with Squiggles
These two-color combinations are the primary glaze choices for pieces in the Eat and Drink categoriesóplates, bowls, mugs, espresso cups, chip&dip platters, casseroles, and so on. You can specify all pieces glazed with the same two-color choice, or mix and match pieces within the four color options. Brown is the common grounding element for all the combinations. It ties them together and coordinates your entire set of pieces.
two color with squiggles-brown and green
Brown & Green
w/ Squiggles
two colors with squiggles-brown and blue
Brown & Blue
w/ Squiggles
two colors with squiggles-brown and lilac
Brown & Lilac
w/ Squiggles

two colors with squiggles-brown and red
Brown & Red
w/ Squiggles

These are the fun color combinations! Iíve discovered several of these overlapping combinations as happy accidents when glaze testing. The overlap portion often produces a unique third color or a glaze effect such as pronounced speckling.
overlaps-green over brown
Green over Brown
overlaps-drippy blue green
Drippy Blue-Green
overlap-black over red
Black over Red

overlap-black over lilac
Black over Lilac

*Please note that these glaze swatches are representational. The glaze colors on your actual pieces may or may not match these swatches exactly. Because of the different ways colors can be displayed on various computer monitors, the nature of hand-applied glazes, and the magic occurring in kiln firings, you should expect the possibility of a small degree of color variation. However, pieces ordered in sets are fired in the same kiln load to ensure as much color consistency as possible.